Our Features.

Give your vehicle a voice so you know more about its health, location and past trips with Delphi Connect. Stay connected to your ride 24/7 and get helpful information about your vehicle's operation. It's like taking a helpful auto-diagnostics technician with you everywhere you go.

Delphi Connect is compatible with over 99% of the vehicles from the 1996 model year and newer. Simply plug the Delphi Connect into the OBD-II port (located under the dash near the driver in most vehicles), complete the installation process, and you're ready to go.

Connectivity and Flexibility:
  • Generate and export trip reports in Excel format
  • View more than 10 trips on the Delphi Connect Smartphone Application
  • Give each of your vehicles a unique nickname and description
  • In vehicle Wi-Fi for purchasers of Delphi Connect with 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot, available from Verizon
  • Use your smartphone or the website to access your vehicle
  • View the website in any of the supported languages
  • Set up customized email and text message notifications to send alerts to where you need them
  • Select from the available languages for your email and text notifications
  • View your vehicle data in miles and mph or in kilometers and kph
Turn your smartphone into a key fob:
  • Don't waste time digging your keys out of your purse, pocket or briefcase; use your smartphone instead*
  • You can duplicate the primary functions of your key fob with your smartphone or PC for most vehicles*
Find your vehicles and track its location:
  • View up to 10 vehicles on the map at one time
  • Don't wander that outdoor parking lot in embarrassment; use your mobile device to find where you parked**
  • Have a teen driver in your family? Set up geo-fences and get customized email notifications and text messages when your vehicle leaves those areas. Also, set up your service to receive alerts if your vehicle travels faster than a customized speed limit (mph) or exceeds a customized RPM limit
  • Create rectangular and circular geo-fences
  • Use the smartphone app or website to live track your vehicle on a map in real time. It's updated every five seconds
  • Get information about all of your trips including: engine idle time, trip duration and distance traveled
  • Trip breadcrumbs to see the route your vehicle took on a map
A helpful diagnostics tool:
  • Track your battery level from your smartphone or PC.
  • Learn the cause of that mysterious "check engine" light before taking your vehicle to the mechanic.
Your data is secure:
  • Delphi Connect's secure, encrypted platform protects your vehicle information.
  • Personal PIN-Code for secure access to your app
  • Logout mobile phones remotely that have access to your account.
More details on those New Features:
  • Export Trip Reports in Excel Format
    Generate and export trip reports in Excel format containing key information about trips made by your vehicle

  • View more than 10 trips on the Delphi Connect Smartphone Application
    View more than 10 trips now on your smartphone by using the scroll down feature to load subsequent trip pages

*Compatible vehicle required. To check the compatibility of your vehicle or availability of key fob functionality, visit delphiconnect.com/fitment

** Features vary by model. Check with your retailer for details.

**Subject to GPS accuracy.

**LTE™ is a trade mark of ETSI